Qualititative Face Fit Testing

Qualitative Face Fit Testing
(disposable half mask / reusable half mask)Information SheetThis information sheet has been prepared to give you some essential background information regarding qualitative face fit testing. Please read this carefully before you book your fit testing session with us.

  • In the first instance persons will be required to bring their respiratory protective equipment (RPE) that is currently issued to them. Where disposable filtering facepiece’s are used a brand new, unused mask still in it’s original packaging must be brought. Where reusable half masks are used, these must be suitably cleaned and correctly maintained as per the manufacture’s instruction. In the event that any damage to components of a reusable half mask is found the fit test will not be carried out. Where the fit test cannot be carried out a charge will still be made.
  • Any other items of personal protective equipment (PPE) likely to affect the wearing of a tight fitting facepiece e.g. safety goggles (abrasive wheels) must be brought. These items will need to be worn during the fit test. Please note that safety goggles must be worn when using abrasive wheels. Safety spectacles do not conform to the correct specification under EN 166.
  • Persons attending must be clean shaven. The fit test cannot be carried out if there is any hair growth between the skin and the facepiece sealing surface e.g. stubble beard growth, beard, moustache etc. Where persons wear a “goatie” beard, providing all other areas are clean shaven, the fit test will be attempted as in some cases a suitable fit can still be achieved with some masks,however we cannot guarantee this.
  • The wearer should not eat, drink (except plain water), smoke or chew gum for at least 15 minutes before the test.
  • Prior to returning the booking form, we require you to confirm that all persons that are to be fit tested are physically fit to carry out the test. Part of the test requires persons to move their head from side to side, up and down and bend at the waist.
  • In the event that the supplied RPE fails the fit test, the fit tester will have a small selection of different types and sizes of facepieces that can be tested on the individual in an attempt to find a mask that is suitable. In the event that the tester achieves a fit from a different facepiece, providing stocks allow, one of these facepieces will be issued to the person along with information on stockists. In the  unfortunate event that the fit tester does not have another mask available for issue, one will be provided to you as soon as possible. Where this happens to be a high-end face piece, this will be discussed with you during a consultation, as this will be a slight increase in cost.
  • Please note that once a fit test has been passed, the fit test is only valid for the make and model of mask that was tested. If a person is provided with a different mask to the one that was tested, another face fit test will be required. If a person is required to wear more than one type of mask for their work, all masks must be tested.
  • We recommend that unless different masks are supplied, face fit tests are carried out on an annual basis.
  • A short consultation will be required with our fit tester once you have read through this sheet. This is nothing to worry about, we just want to make sure we can provide you with a good service and to ensure that you fully understand the conditions of the testing. This will also be a chance for you to ask any questions regarding the information given in this sheet. Our fit testers are Dean Harris & James Slater and are available on 01872 262261.